imFilm is an agency for marketing measures for films, meaning press relations, cross-promotions and more, as well as the development of films and cinema events. And imFilm is distributor for alternative content and digital films.

In the film rental sector, imFilm specialises in alternative programme series and the distribution of documentaries and feature films in digital format.
 The current offers include the travelogue series "Golden Globe" – also, two documentary projects are in preparation.

As an agency, imFilm offers the different aspects of film marketing measures. This means to take care of press relations and cross-promotions for both, theatrical and home entertainment releases, and also to arrange for production and rights evaluation partners. It is also possible to book imFilm as distribution agency or for the organisation of theatrical tours. Furthermore, imFilm supports authors in developing scripts and offers both, editing services and script analyses. Companies can also choose full service packages for cinema events.

In the process, imFilm is always synonymous with an attitude to film that is enthusiastic as well as pragmatic. The motivation is to make every single film with its individual uniqueness accessible to the public and thus achieve the best possible audience figures. imFilm's rental service also focuses on working in partnership with the cinemas, which in principle also includes supporting local press and marketing campaigns.

All this is based on experience in production, distribution and marketing. In addition, contacts in these various sectors can be optimally utilised and profitably fostered.